About Us

Haines Apiaries are based near Kaitaia in Northland, New Zealand and was established in 1949 when New Zealand honey pioneer William (Bill) Haines bought a large plot of land as a family investment. This land was thickly covered in Mānuka heath but back in those days, the immense health benefits of Mānuka were not yet established so buying that land would certainly have been considered a bit of a risk.

When he bought his first lot of bees, Bill transported them back home in a bag hanging off the handle bars of his bike!

In the mid-2000's, the research and findings conducted by another New Zealand honey pioneer, Professor Peter Molan, shone a light on the unique medicinal qualities found in Mānuka honey. As a result, Molan established the Unique Manuka Factor standard (UMF) which is used as a key identifier as to the content of New Zealand-made active Mānuka in honey products to this day.

Bill's son Malcolm Haines, who was 4 years old when his dad got into the honey trade, took over the business from his father and brought it into the modern day, increasing the number of beehives, improving the production process as well as increasing the yield and quality of the honey produced.

In 2007, Haines Honey employee Bruce Robertson purchased the business and with his extensive experience continues to focus on producing the highest quality honey and has pushed the business into new export markets and product categories.

Haines Honey own their own hives and also source honey from suppliers all across New Zealand including Northland & Waikato, Taupo, Gisborne & the East Coast as well as Hawkes Bay.

We currently export our NZ honey and UMF Mānuka honey to:

* China
* Australia
* Japan
* Hong Kong
* Singapore
* Croatia
* Serbia

We are currently looking to open up distribution networks in Canada and the USA.
Haines Honey recently launched a new product line, Herbal Mānuka Lozenges which at UMF 15+ boast the highest Mānuka honey content in the market. These lozenges act as an excellent remedy for cold and flu symptoms amongst other things.

Please contact us for more information at info@haineshoney.co.nz.